'How Can I Be Sure' by Frank Allred

Many Christians struggle with assurance: ‘How can I be sure I’m a real Christian?’ is the question which plagues them. Frank Allred, a retired Anglican Minister, provides a helpful analysis of the reason for the insecurity made manifest in the question, together with constructive comment and practical pointers to the solution of the problem.

This book is literally saturated with Scripture, and the troubled Christian will be challenged and encouraged by a careful reading of the eight insightful chapters. The first three chapters deal with the problem, symptoms and causes of insecurity respectively. Then follows a very helpful chapter examining the reality and danger of false security, before the author proceeds to consider the experience, basis means and blessings of assurance in the four final chapters.

I personally found the final chapter on the blessings of assurance a great encouragement. Allred’s comments, interwoven with Scripture, on patience, contentment, humility, courage, consistency, usefulness, joy, thankfulness and peace will inspire those who have no particular struggle with assurance, as well as informing those who do.

The book would be a valuable addition to any home or church library.

By Grace and Truth Publications, PO Box 8979, Christchurch, New Zealand