Review by Eric Lane



Frank Allred is a retired vicar of eighty-five who wants to 'bring forth fruit in old age' (Psalm 92:14) by writing what he has experienced in his life and ministry. His books therefore contain personal information as well as biblical truth. There are various ways of teaching the truths of Scripture: creeds and confessions, books of theology, Bible studies, preaching and personal testimony. Frank Allred has chosen this latter route and, while it may not stand alongside the great Bible commentaries and Systematic Theologies, it does have the advantage of greater warmth and practicality. Here is someone who really feels the blessings these truths have been and are to him. One of the most powerful forms of advertising is of the 'it works for me' variety, and this can apply to the gospel.

Why I love Jesus’ might sound a little slight, but in fact the twenty-three chapters touch on a considerable number of truths, which may be somewhat disguised because on the whole he does not use the usual technical theological terms. The subjects covered include: God's eternal love, effectual calling, enlightenment, conviction of sin, repentance, forgiveness, salvation, reconciliation, adoption, perseverance, assurance, regeneration, Christ's priesthood, liberty, predestination, prayer, use of the mind, temptation, money and the resurrection of the body. To some extent the order of the themes corresponds to the 'ordo salutis' (order of salvation) so beloved of theologians.

The style is simple and the chapters are brief, which makes the book suitable for a seeker or new believer. Perhaps the biggest drawback is the price: nearly £7 for about eighty pages of actual print. Normally a £6.95 book would expect to be at least twice that number of pages. Perhaps we are in danger of judging by quantity rather than quality!

Eric Lane, Yateley, Hampshire