This book is the sequel to my book on Justification by faith. It shows that the destiny of all justified persons is to be like Christ.

Although perfection cannot be attained in this life, progress must be made all through life towards that glorious goal. This growth in practical holy living is the only proof that anyone is justified by faith.

'OK! I committed my life to Christ many years ago. I even signed a decision form. This means that, since I have received God's gift of eternal life, I shall not be judged when the Lord returns'. No! it means nothing of the sort. That decision to 'commit your life to Christ', as the jargon has it, counts for nothing unless you are growing in holiness.

If you are truly saved, then it is God's will that you should become like Jesus. 

This is a process that goes on right through your life. Of course, we shall never attain perfection in this life, If you are not making any progress at all, your original decision must be called into question. 

We shall all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ 'that each one may receive what is due to him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad' (2 Cor, 5: 10). But that is salvation by works. The Bible says we cannot be saved by our own deeds so that no-one can boast (Eph. 2: 9).'
But good deeds happen to be the only proof that we are truly saved by grace and are making progress towards likeness to Christ

It is simply not true to say that a person is saved if he has nothing to show for it in terms of a consistent and holy life of service to Christ and his church.

This is not to say that a Christian can fall from grace. If the new life is not in evidence there is only one conclusion. He wasn't saved by grace in the first place.

SAINTS IN TRANSIT deals with these important but neglected matters.  It asserts the absolute necessity of the new birth and service to Christ in the church. The believer's fight against sin, his witness through suffering, and his glorious hope are also 


A cottage in Troutsdale,
East Yorkshire. The first
time I travelled along this
road, there were no less than
22 gates. My kids loved it!