If you are thinking seriously about becoming a Christian believer, or if you are young in the faith, this book is for you.

It will not give you the answers to all the questions that may arise in your mind, and especially not to philosophical or scientific questions about the existence of God.

But nor will it censor or tone down any aspect of the gospel message that may be seen as offensive, as several books or booklets in this category do.

This means that the reader will have to face up to the serious nature of human sin and its fearful consequences in judgment, and therefore, to the gospel demands for humility and repentance.

The book will strenuously maintain that God's purpose in redemption is to save his people from eternal death and to bring them safely to the glory of heaven. Lies that masquerade as truth, like the popular notion that God's purpose in the gospel is to make us feel good about ourselves, will not be found. On the contrary, I labour to show that real Christian joy arises from an understanding of what God has done for us and also what he has in store for us.

As with all my books, the Holy Scriptures are my final authority. As far as I am concerned, they are the only authentic source of the knowledge of God. As the Bible says, we may learn a lot from God's created order, but to know God as our Father in an intimate and holy relationship is impossible if we reject the written word.

I also offer some practical advice on joining a church - how to make sure, if possible, that the new convert is not deprived of good Bible-teaching and fellowship with other believers.

Here are some more examples of my paintings.  Left: Derwentwater with Catbells in the background (Watercolour and pastel).  Right: York (Oil).  Bottom: Borrowdale in the snow (Acrylic).