My latest book will soon be published.

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It is entitled God’s Greatest Blessing.

Adoption into the family of God is the most neglected teaching in the church today. And yet, it is the one doctrine that enshrines all the rest. For example, although the Biblical doctrine of Justification by Faith (being put into a right legal relationship with God) is the foundation on which the Christian life is built, it does not tell us anything about the privileges we should enjoy as believers.

The same is true of the Biblical doctrine of sanctification. This deals with our necessary growth in Godly living, but again, it does not tell us about the blessings we enjoy as members of the family of God.

What the Bible tells us about adoption relates to every other aspect of the gospel. That is to say, when we fully understand the teaching of Scripture on this subject, we have a greater appreciation of the entire scheme of redemption. To achieve this will, of course, involve study, but the knowledge we gain translates into greater joy and a deeper sense of purpose in our daily living. Not least, it deepens our assurance of the glory to come when we are recreated in the image of our Saviour.

As with the rest of my books, this one is written so that those for whom English is a second language will read it with little difficulty. The richness of the subject is in no way impaired.