Review by Wim van Noordt



Review of 'The Eclipse of the Gospel' by Wim van Noordt.



The Rev Frank Allred was born in South Lancashire, England in 1923. At the age of 41, after wartime service and secular work, he trained for the ministry of the Church of England and then served in various parishes in England. He is now retired.


              In this book of about 200 pages (published by Grace Publications Trust in 2001), the Rev Allred draws our attention to three essential components of the gospel which are so often neglected today. (They may not be neglected in the RCNZ but it is still important to read what this book has to tell us). Its subjects are, the sovereignty of God, the holiness of God, and the judgement of God.


              When Christians fail to proclaim the sovereignty of God, they cannot avoid giving the impression that sinful men and women are masters of their own destiny. When Christians fail to proclaim the holiness of God, they cannot avoid masking the seriousness of human sin.


              And when Christians fail to proclaim the judgement of God, they cannot avoid trivialising his love. The aim of this book is to challenge those who have departed from the Bible; to encourage those who believe the Bible to be much more serious in their study of it; and to help those who teach others to come to a better understanding of it.


              This book is a great encouragement and a challenge to read. It is well set out and the author has a good understanding of his subject. As an appendix to his book, the Rev Allred gives a short explanation of the Calvinist/Arminian controversy with a summary of the Canons of Dort. The Rev Allred concludes his book with the following words: “No doubt some readers will complain that nothing is to be gained by raising old controversies. Calvinists and Arminians should work together for the sake of the gospel. Indeed they should, wherever possible. But if those who complain are suggesting that Calvinists should remain silent about their evangelical beliefs, it betrays their ignorance of the importance of the issue at stake. Calvinists believe that the defence of the five points is nothing less that the defence of the gospel itself.


              The reviewer recommends this book for your Church Library and/or your own bookshelf. If you have difficulty obtaining a copy from your usual supplier, I suggest . They have new and often used copies available.